925 Dead Queen Ring RTST
925 Dead Queen Ring RTST
925 Dead Queen Ring RTST
925 Dead Queen Ring RTST
Half Skull Ring | 925 Silver Decay Ring  | OSSUA et ACROMATA

925 Dead Queen Ring RTST

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Our 925 Silver Queen Ring is a perfect representation of hand made Memento Mori jewellery.
Modeled after the iconic late Queen Elisabeth II this ring is especially delicate. In the sense of Memento Mori everybody will die, even members of the Royal Family and monarchs. In the end we're all equal in our mortality and the time we're all given is equally precious.

To dedicate one's life to fully live the moment, regardless of wealth and social status is part of this ancient philosophy. Even Cesar had a servant walk behind him during festivities who would whisper in his ear; remember you're just a mortal. Using the time, we have with all the dedication we can muster is the core message of memento mori.


Crafted by skilled hands, this 925 Silver Queen Ring is a masterpiece of artistry and full of symbolism. All of our rings evoke a sense of both beauty and mortality. As you wear this unique item, it is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery but also a statement. 


Memento mori items trace their origins back to ancient times. Therefore societies and cultures across the world embraced the concept of mortality as a central theme. Stemming from Latin, "memento mori" translates to "remember that you must die." This philosophical perspective, often associated with Stoicism, was a reminder of life's impermanence and the inevitability of death.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, memento mori motifs flourished in European art, books, and culture. Therefore they aimed to provoke reflection on life's fluid nature, encouraging individuals to live virtuously and mindfully. Hence this sentiment extended to jewellery, with skull rings becoming popular adornments.

However these pieces were not meant to be morbid, but rather reminded to embrace life while acknowledging its finite nature. Memento mori rings to this day continue to endure as potent symbols of introspection and mindfulness, carrying with them the rich history of reflection on human existence.


Founded in 2018 Ossua et Acroamata brings you the highest quality handmade Memento Mori jewellery. Based in Dorset, UK highly skilled artists create unique pieces of wearable art and attracts a variety of customers including Jason Momoa, Cristian Scabbia and Gary Holt.

Item Description

This handmade 925 Silver Queen Ring comes in 2 sizes and two editions.

  • Edition clear finish
  • Edition vintage finish

Handmade and hand finished in Dorset, UK. Packed without plastic, free worldwide shipping available.