Welcome to our blog about the subtle yet ever-presnt concept of memento mori in modern life and culture. From the earliest human civilizations to today's world, the inevitability of death has been a constant presence in the human experience.

The phrase "memento mori" comes from the Latin for "remember that you must die," and has been used throughout history as a reminder of our mortality and the impermanence of life.

Despite our best efforts to ignore or avoid it, the message of memento mori continues to be woven into the fabric of modern life and culture. From art and literature to fashion and entertainment, the theme of mortality can be found in unexpected places, often hidden in plain sight.

Guardian Ring with Diamond

Through this blog, we will explore the hidden and sometimes obvious messages of memento mori in modern culture, and how they reflect our relationship with death and the afterlife. We will examine how this concept has influenced various forms of art, music, and literature, and how it continues to shape our understanding of the world around us.

So, join us on this journey as we uncover the hidden messages of memento mori in modern life, and explore what it means to truly embrace the impermanence of our existence.

We will delve into the historical origins of memento mori and its significance in various cultures and religions, including the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as the Buddhist and Hindu belief systems.

We will also examine how memento mori has been portrayed in popular media, including movies, TV shows, and video games. From horror films to dystopian dramas, the theme of mortality and the fragility of life is a recurring motif in many forms of entertainment.

Also we will explore how memento mori is reflected in contemporary fashion and design.

From skull motifs to jewellery featuring bones and other macabre elements, we will analyse how designers and artists are incorporating the concept of death into their creations.

Cristina Scabbia wearing the 925 dead queen ring in a photoshoot 2022

Finally, we will consider the personal and philosophical implications of memento mori in our own lives. How can we use the awareness of our own mortality to live more fully and appreciate the present moment? What role does death play in shaping our values and priorities?

Through this blog, we hope to deepen our understanding of the timeless concept of memento mori and its relevance in modern life and culture. So, stay tuned for our upcoming articles and join us on this exploration of the hidden and not-so-hidden messages of mortality all around us.


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